WordPress template tags auto-complete Sugar for Espresso

NOTE: I have updated this sugar since this post. Download the updated version here.

I’ve been post-less for a little while, I know… Life happens, things get busy, you know how it is.

For now, I’m posting a Sugar I made for Espresso. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Espresso (by MacRabbit) is a web developing program that I’ve been trying out. It’s been the only thing sweet enough to get me to switch from Coda. Extensions for Espresso are called Sugars.

I made a Sugar for WordPress template tags. There had been some interest in one on the MacRabbit forums, but none had been made yet. I figured I’d give it a shot.

It contains CodeSense/auto-completion for all the WordPress template tags listed here. I haven’t done the conditional tags yet, and there are still some core functions left out. Rest assured they will be included in an updated version, soon.

Updated in version 1.1:

  • Added all the functions in the Function Reference (includes conditional tags)
  • Added snippets:
    • The Loop
    • A custom loop
    • Dynamic page title (404/archive/page/search/etc.)
    • register_sidebar function & parameters
    • HTML stylesheet link
    • Theme info header for style.css
    • Quick reference of query_posts parameters (a huge commented section of code, listing the parameters from the query_posts Codex page)
  • Fixed weird autocomplete behavior after typing an underscore (either not continuing to complete, or starting the match over again)

Here it is:

Download WordPress.sugar v1.1